Near Record River Levels Spark Flooding Concerns

Apartment Flooding - Boise Idaho

KBOI Photo – https://goo.gl/SYJu81

Local government agencies are describing Boise river conditions as highly dangerous as flow surpasses 8,000 cubic feet per second. The Boise Fire Department has issued a community-wide warning stating that the river poses significant public safety concerns to people, pets, and first responders.

The following hazards and warning have been declared due to current river conditions:

  • Swift water can carry people and pets away rapidly.

    Boise Parks and Rec Photo

  • Cold water can cause even the best swimmer to be
    incapable of swimming due to loss of motor and muscle control.
  • Significant debris in the river can injure people and contributes to rescue equipment failure.
  • Flooding conditions make access to river more dangerous, if not impossible.
  • Water has approached bridge height, making passing under a bridge extremely dangerous or not possible.


People should keep several things in mind when near the Boise River right now:

  • Boise Parks & Rec -- Green belt closure

    Boise Parks and Rec Photo

    Do not recreate in the river. Very cold, swift water is life threatening.

  • Keep pets leashed near the river. They may chase other animals or wildlife into the swift water.
  • Portions of the greenbelt have detours or closures posted due to high water. Check with Boise Parks and Recreation for the latest greenbelt information.
  • If someone gets into trouble, call 911 immediately. The 911 dispatcher needs to know how many people are in the water and where they are at, closest street, bridge crossing, what park they are in, what side of the river they are on, greenbelt mile marker, etc.

Two Important Things to Consider:

  1. Property damage caused by flooding isn’t covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies.
  2. Flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period before coverage takes effect.

Water is fun in pools and on the beach, but not so much in your living room. Be safe out there and give us a call so you get the protection you need.