Icicles may be more dangerous than you thought. Besides the obvious risk of being under one when it falls, icicles may also be an indication that water is not properly draining off of your roof. When water can not drain properly, it backs up under roof shingles costing thousands in water damage. This is problem is what is known as an “ice dam”.

Do Icicles Mean I Have Ice Dams?

If icicles are small then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. However, icicles that are large in diameter are heavy and are anchored in by ice dams. These large icicles indicate poor insulation in the attic because escaping heat melts snow, which then pools and refreezes. Knocking down icicles won’t fix the problem either because icicles are only a symptom of ice dams. The dams remain even if you knock the icicle down.

How To Protect Your Home From Ice Dams

In a normal year, using a roof rake to clear snow off your home is a great way to prevent ice dams. But this snowstorm is pretty usual and it may be too late to only use a rake. Check out this video from Travelers for a simple and effective way to remove ice dams from your home.